Bank of America Center

Bank of America Center, from East Cary Street

Building Name: Bank of America Center
Address: 1111 East Main Street
Year Completed: 1975
Floors: 26
Height: 333′
Architects: Welton Becket Associates & Carneal & Johnston (Associate)


The Bank of America Center was originally constructed as the headquarters for First & Merchants National Bank (F & M Bank). At the time of it’s completion in 1975, it was the tallest building in Richmond to the rooftop, eclipsing Richmond City Hall. According to a newspaper article from the mid-70’s, the building was constructed to be the maximum building height permitted in Virginia, which was 333 feet. F & M Bank would later merge with Virginia National Bank (1984) and then be purchased by Sovran Bank. In following years, Sovran Bank would be purchased by NationsBank and finally merge with Bank of America in 1998.

Bank of America Center, Formerly as the F & M Center in 1982 (Source: “Architecture of Downtown Richmond”)

Building Features:

The building is composed of a high-rise tower, 4-story office-building pavilion, plaza and 8-level parking deck (fronting East Cary Street). At the time of its completion, the elevators were touted to go 26 floors in 23 seconds. A large sculpture is located at the corner of East Main Street and South 12th Street.

The tower is constructed with a steel frame and clad with precast concrete panels for the exterior facade.

Sculpture in the plaza, from East Main Street