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January & March 2022: Photo Gallery Updates

Long time, no update everyone! I’m still alive and still very much interested in watching new buildings grow Downtown. I’ve got a bit more time on my hands lately and I have vowed to start back with some periodic Gallery updates. There is so much construction occurring around the metro area and I want to ensure I document it.

The biggest recent change to the site is the update to the Gallery module. The former Gallery module is no longer being updated and it was only a matter of time before it stopped working. In February 2022, I migrated 19,000+ photos over to the new Piwigo Gallery module. Please use this link to see all new content going forward.

This Gallery update highlights the following projects:

  • VCU Medical Center – Outpatient Facility
  • VCU Childrens Hospital Expansion
  • New General Assembly Building
  • New State Parking Deck on Broad
  • The Current
  • South Falls I
  • McRae & Lacy Townhomes
  • Riverview Apartments
  • Scott’s Addition Projects (Multiple)
  • Skyline from Libby Hill, Grace Street Overlook

A link to the Gallery is included in the photo below:

Skyline from Libby Hill Park, March 2022

January 2016: Photo Gallery Update

With little fanfare, the state’s Zincke Building is being demolished this week. It appears that the old stone base may be salvaged. At this point, I’m unaware of what may be constructed on this site.

I also had a chance to head over to the new Canal Lofts V construction site on East Main Street to take a few photos. Click the photo below to view the entire photo gallery.

New Building Pages Coming

In an effort to provide clear and concise research on buildings and structures for Richmond, I’m in the process now of creating new pages for each building and structure in the RCW building database.

I’ve realized that the work I did several years ago for the database was rushed, opinionated and quite frankly, poorly written. I want to go back through the information I’ve compiled and verify its accuracy. I’ll also be adding new information from the sources I’ve compiled over the years.

Unfortunately the image links in the RCW building database are broken. I’ll be adding a couple of photos to each page so visitors to the site can easily see what each building looks like. At some point I would like to provide a link to the Gallery¬† for each building so users can see even more photos of the building.

I expect that this will be a multi-year task. My goal will be to complete building pages for all of our structures 10 stories or taller within the next few months. I’ll share new pages to the Facebook page once they are complete.

For now, new building pages are located under the “Buildings” tab on the main page.

– Ryan