Forum Rules - Required Reading

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Forum Rules - Required Reading

Post by Ryan Ramsey » Thu Oct 25, 2018 1:57 am

Hi Everyone!

I'm starting the forum back up for Richmond City Watch. To allow for a fun but civil environment, you must follow each of the rules below. Failure to follow any of these rules will result in the user being banned.

FYI - Registration will be approved by the administrator prior to posting being enabled for the new user. I'll be checking in a few times a week to approve new users. If you need immediate access, contact me through the site's Facebook page.

In addition, new topics cannot be created in the following forums: Proposals, Under Construction, and RCW Website Updates. I'm trying to keep the topic titles consistent so users can find information quickly. Users may only reply to threads that the administrator has been created. This rule may change in time if we can get a few folks to moderate the forum.

Now for the rules:

  1. Citation for all off-site articles, photos, or other copyrighted media is required. You must provide the title of the work, a link to the page where the work is displayed, and a citation for all photos not taken by yourself.
  2. No trolling of any type will be tolerated.

If other issues arise as the forum is used, I will add or modify these requirements.
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